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Technologies That Make Ship Happen While Saving Money

Want to be a more savvy shipper? Then you need to know your ship — including the different types of shipping technology available to your company and the benefit of each. Taking the time to match your unique needs with platforms that give you more carrier capacity when you need it at lower rates is how many shippers begin using technology.

But logistics technology can do a lot of things. Here are several options available to companies like yours that will expand the advantages technology offers.

Shipping Software

One thing every shipper has in common is that it takes time to calculate rates accurately based on weight, dimensions, shipping zones, and more. And the more shipments you have, the more resources it takes to complete the work.

Shipping software is great for shipping individual orders to consumers. This type of software can simplify the process by sourcing comparative options and pricing, printing labels and paperwork such as Bills of Lading, and even providing up-to-date delivery status for you and your customers. However this type of software shouldn’t be confused with Transportation Management Software (TMS), which we will discuss below. This type of software only accounts for one aspect of your supply chain needs, and is best for integrating with e-commerce sites. 

Transportation Management Software (TMS)

Going beyond simple shipping software, a TMS is a logistics platform that will help your company streamline multimodal transportation from the planning stage right through execution — outbound and inbound.

These centralized platforms can combine all parts of the supply chain network, allowing you to optimize processes while providing information and data to all the parties that need it. TMS platforms are designed to integrate with the shipping and procurement software mentioned above and below. This type of software can often be pricey, however, and can take many months to implement. A TMS is designed for large enterprise companies and is required to cover dozens of use cases, so there is an inherent complexity to the training and operating of the system. 

Freight Procurement Software

How much time is your company spending on sourcing and procuring transportation?

The right platform can help you digitize your process — eliminating the need for endless correspondence, research, and spreadsheets to keep track of quotes, rates, and more. The additional cost-saving benefits can include matching loads with capacity, being more collaborative with customers and suppliers on shipping arrangements, and offering advanced analytics on your network.

Digital Freight Platforms

Digital freight platforms and networks are marketplaces that connect shippers and carriers. Some even use machine learning and AI instead of more traditional scheduling and route planning methods to bring users benefits, including lower costs, better communication, and more efficient shipment monitoring in general. This type of platform is best for shippers trying to automate the search and reservation of freight transportation. 

However, this type of platform can have limitations. One being the lack of convenience while working with your personal carrier network. Shippers have access to a limited number of carriers, making it difficult to secure capacity for their loads. And for loads with unique shipping needs there may be a small selection of carriers who can meet that level of service. Carriers who are not already on the digital freight platform, will have to get their account up and running   before they are able to submit a bid. 

ShipperGuide, A Freight Management Platform

Technology is not one-size-fits-all, and not every company needs the same solutions. This means taking the time to understand your shipping needs (a.k.a. know your ship!). Matching your needs to the correct type of software can help you better manage your logistics, and doing so is a worthwhile exercise for every shipper.

ShipperGuide is a different type of platform, with only features shippers need and none of the ones they don't. With ShipperGuide, a Freight Management Platform, you can streamline your freight procurement and execution process with a single, centralized solution - reducing the time spent on your shipping operations, and ultimately boosting your business’ efficiency. 

ShipperGuide excels at high-volume, low-complexity freight procurement and execution, which can be a great fit for many mid-market shippers. It enables shippers to benchmark and compare different lanes, loads, and carriers to see exactly how shipping costs shape up, removing all the guesswork associated with typical shipping operations, and reducing not-needed costs. Unlike a digital freight platform, with ShipperGuide, you can use your own network of carriers, and its flexibility makes it a great solution for shippers and 3PLs alike. 

To learn how ShipperGuide will help optimize your operations & give you end-to-end visibility, visit ShipperGuide.com.  

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